Expiration Series

Expiration investigates the portrayal of women of the movie, television, and beauty industry through a satirical staged interpretation of crime scenes.  I was always interested in crime scenes that were shown in different movies and television shows growing up. So, I thought that it would be the best platform on which I could show my creative investigation into violence towards women as popular culture entertainment.

I chose a subject of interest that is not at all pleasant because I wanted to express the vulnerability that I as well as other women feel when we are exposed to media that represents levels of animosity towards ourselves as well as other women. The over sexualized and glamor aspect of it disrespects women and the fact that they human beings. Using my subject’s jobs, hobbies or majors, I created a death that would be used against them as a sign that in that world women are seen as vulnerable and not capable.

I worked digitally taking the images I created and converting half of the image to black and white and leaving the other half in color. I used the black and white half to signify the truth of the content, which is that beauty is used to disguise the degradation of women and deprive us of realistic ideas of beauty. The colored half is used to represent the fabricated part of the content, which is that violence against women, could be seen as tasteful when depicted in film, television as well as other media.

Photographers that helped influence my creative vision were Sally Mann and Cindy Sherman.  Sally Mann was a big influence to my work when it came to her Body Farm series. This particular series influenced me when it came to the ways I placed my models, lighting mood and scenery that was used. Although my graphic matter in the images were created by special effects, her photographs using real dead bodies, had a huge influence on how and where I placed certain scars, cuts or bruises along the body. Cindy Sherman was an influence to my series in the way in which I chose to approach my work when it came to a socially critical aspect. With that aspect, I used my content to show what the entertainment industry considers socially acceptable.